Facilitas Laser Therapy

Have you unsuccessfully tried to stop smoking in the past?

Facilitas Laser Therapy

Facilitas Laser Therapy

Smoking withdrawal symptoms and the irresistible urge to smoke again often lead to failure. Feelings of nervousness, irritability and depression are often very strong during the initial period of the abstinence. You avoid these kinds of side effects with the Facilitas® soft-laser therapy.

The Facilitas® soft-laser therapy for smoking withdrawal transforms you with a bit of will power into a non-smoker! Normally, you succeed within one single 90-minute treatment.

The huge success of the soft-laser therapy in the USA and Canada, as well as the state approval of the Netherlands serve as a testament of its effectiveness.

During the Facilitas® 90-minute soft-laser therapy, meridians points are stimulated by applying a special laser. This pain-free treatment concentrates especially on the meridians on the ears, as these are closely related to the addictive behavior of smokers. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient. If necessary, you can repeat the treatment within the first three months at no charge.

To lower the risk of putting on extra weight, we recommend an additional therapy for weight control. These two therapies can be accomplished within the same session. All facts at a glance: soft-laser therapy, absolutely free of pain, no risks and no side effects, treatment only by highly qualified therapists.

How laser therapy works?

Acupuncture is the most known old Asian healing therapies. It is possible to reduce the tension, increase the circulation and relax more deeply with acupuncture. The modern art of this is the low-level laser therapy. It is a non-medical method to give the energy a balance between meridians.

The low-level laser is not stronger than a 50-watt bulb, but it has a great effect. It helps to release the hormone for increasing energy and decreasing stress in the body: Endorphins. Therefore, the softlaser can be used for nicotine addiction treatment. The meridians are treated with helium neon laser and electrobiostimulation. It is a non-pain procedure, which can be treated external on the hand, face and on the ears.

What to expect after a treatment?

The Softlasertherapy gives the user a warming and relaxing feeling, the body begins to calm because of the right energy flow between the meridians. In the first 72 hours of the nicotine withdrawal, your body will come into the crucial detoxification period, where the laser therapy helps overcome this rapidly.

What about Laser safety?

The treatment is completely safe and has nothing concerning to a surgical laser. It will be made by a certified Laser Technician, who is specially trained for the Laser Therapy. So give a try to the painless and powerful Softlaser method.

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