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What is Facilitas soft-laser therapy?

The Facilitas soft-laser therapy is a synthesis of the traditional use of acupuncture and the modern form of soft-laser.  It is based on the principles of auricular acupuncture therapy and is a painless, non-invasive and drug-free procedure using a bio-stimulation soft-laser.  The soft-laser is applied at specific ear meridian points which are related to nicotine addiction and relaxation of nerves.   No adverse side-effects or significant safety hazards have been associated with this form of therapy. After thirty five years of use worldwide, soft laser therapy are recognized as a painless form of therapy with rapid results.

Just how does the laser work?

The Facilitas soft laser therapy operates on principles similar to auricular acupuncture therapy or ear acupuncture. Auricular acupuncture therapy is known to reduce tension, increase circulation, and enable the body to relax more deeply. The therapy is a non-invasive method used to balance the energy flow between meridians and considered a non-medical procedure. The therapy helps to promote the release of endorphin’s in the body. Endorphin’s are natural chemicals in your body that signal your system to decrease stress and increase energy flows. The entire procedure is external, non-invasive, and drug-free.

The Facilitas soft-laser therapy is painless. During the therapy, the meridian points on the ears are treated. Clients may feel a calming sensation from the laser. The soft laser acts as a tool to assist the client through the initial physical withdrawals from nicotine. The first 72 hours of quitting is considered to be the crucial detoxification period. The soft laser mimics a similar endorphin release, which aids in alleviating stress associated with giving up nicotine.

How do you feel once you are treated?

The treatment is very relaxing and some people experience a mild degree of drowsiness.

Where do you place the soft-laser?

The soft-laser is placed on various meridian and auricular points on the ears.

Is it safe?

The Facilitas soft-laser is completely safe. It is a bio-stimulation laser, not a surgical laser. Your procedure will be performed by a certified soft-laser therapist.

Is it guaranteed?

No. The therapy helps you to eliminate the withdrawal and physical cravings, allowing you to become a non-smoker in the easiest possible way. Our soft-laser therapist will discuss with you some lifestyle changes to help eliminate your emotional desire to smoke and some nutritional guidelines to help your body to detoxify itself very quickly. Due to the complexities of the psychological side of the addiction, no one can force an individual to stop smoking as it is a personal choice to stop smoking.

We have 75-80 % success rate.

 How long will it take?

3-4 sessions may be required depending on individual’s addiction, however if you experience an unmanageable desire to smoke, additional booster laser therapy can be performed at no additional cost. One session of therapy takes 45-50 minutes.

Do you offer a discount to groups?

If you bring a friend along, we offer a discount to each client. We also offer corporate program discounts which is negotiable.

How long does the feeling of not needing a cigarette last after the treatment?

For most people, the physical cravings are gone for good. You will still have the mental habits to overcome but we give you tips on how to break those habits as well.

If I have a medical condition, can I still be treated?

If you are pregnant, or currently being treated for cancer, have a pacemaker, or have had a seizure within the last six months or have epilepsy, we regret that we are not able to treat you at this time. Not treating these particular clients is a precautionary measure. Facilitas does not diagnose or treat illness or prescribe medication. The soft-laser therapy is not intended to replace medical care. We recommend that you consult your physician for a professional diagnosis of your health.

I have never heard of this treatment, who else does this?

Facilitas soft-laser therapy is successfully running in 50 centers world-wide, in over 20 countries.

I’m concerned about gaining weight once I quit smoking cigarettes, can you do anything to help?

When you quit smoking your metabolism slows back down to normal. Due to the slower metabolic rate many people due gain extra weight. If weight gain concerns you we can add on “Weight Management Points”. We will target an extra set of acupuncture points which will boost your metabolism as well as help to suppress your appetite.

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