Ultra Lipolysis

The clinically-proven Ultra-Lipolysis procedure is the most widely used non-invasive solution for fat reduction and body contouring. It uses focused ultrasound to target and reduce unwanted localized fat deposits, reduce body circumference and improve body shape.


The Ultra-Lipolysis procedure is intended to reduce localized fat deposits around the abdomen, flanks (love handles), hips ,thighs & arms.

It offers a totally non-invasive, painless no downtime alternative to patients seeking reduced circumference (a slimmer body) and an improved body contour. Ultra-Lipolysis is an ideal non-surgical procedure that enables men and women to improve their figure, go down in clothing size, and improve the shape in problem fatty areas that regular diet and exercise usually don’t get rid of.

lipo-line-duoEach patient follows a personalized program and undergoes a recommended series of three treatments in a week  to maximize results. Clinical studies have shown a measurable reduction in body circumference in most patients, even after a single treatment0. The Dietician will be happy to discuss this in detail with you during a consultation.

Treatments available at DiabCare –Lipolysis

  • Fat reduction
  • Immediate inch loss
  • Localized body reshaping
  • Muscle toning and firming
  • Lymphatic and venous drainage



Research Shows that Women with waist circumference more than 35 inches and Men with waist circumference of more than 40 inches have higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. So switch to healthy weight and Healthier lifestyle with LIPOLYSIS.

For Further information on how the Ultra-Lipolysis procedure happens through cavitation please visit the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHa5qrPncKI


  • Name : Mrs. S. M
  • Age : 42 Yrs
  • Height : 152 cm ( 5 ft)
  • BMI : 28.9
  • Treatment Area : Tummy
BEFORE LIPOLYSIS 65 kg 97 cm 100 cm 101cm
AFTER LIPOLYSIS 62 kg 94 cm 94 cm 96.5 cm
}No of sessions for achieving desired inch loss of 5 inches and 3 kg weight-loss were only 12 sessions finished over 1 month only.


}Patient’s Experience : skin was comparatively less sagging. Tiers on tummy area were comparatively reduced. Old clothes were fitting again. Was happy with the treatment received and happy with results.